Saturday, July 5, 2008

play a Foosball

If you want to play a Foosball game, i think you have to visit a website called, there you will find lot of information about how to play this game. Playing foosball required at least 2 players and a foosball table. The table includes the ball. Each player controls a set of foosmen attached to a series of rods. Foosball Tables vary in size, but almost universally include 8 rows of foosmen (each team of players controls 4 of the 8 rows).

Foosball Strategies changes as the number of players increases. During singles play (with 1 opponent on each team), it’s difficult to maintain control of 4 rows of players. Some experienced players focus on perfecting their defense during singles play. Other players develop a talent for controlling multiple rods with their right hand while always maintaining control of the goalie with their left.


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