Thursday, May 31, 2007

Can We Recreate The Past ( Puisi Karya Natalie84 )

Fear abandoned love
Allocating a pessimistic stance
Causing my only escape from reality
To flee with my heart in hand
Today, I beg for a second chance

The envious word on the street
Brought me to my defeat
Leaving me sad and alone
Upon the tears of my pillow
And a soul filled with sorrow

I'm relinquishing the whispers
Bellowing from behind
I'm blind to their line of attack
Today, I'm reaching for the only future
My mind has dreamed of
Day after day, week after week
For months on end

Time should have been my healer
But still I daydream
Of what could have been
The smile upon my face
Shined for all to see
Yet, I was the only one
Who cried to be free

Companion number one
Number two, number three
I'm sick of all the disastrous attempts
Relationships won't last
As long as I yearn to reconcile my past
Today, this is about ME
This is about what I need
What I want and what I long for

My inclination of hope
And the thought of his arms
Wrapped tightly around my body
Keep my vision afloat
For his spirit alone
Would complete all of my dreams

I'm begging the heavens
To bless me with the opportunity
To prove I am ready
I'm ready to be what he needs of me
I am prepared to glorify
A good man to whom I wish
To love unto my dying day
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